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Our Research Methods

Understanding the market and analyzing the opportunities, threats and outlook will help stakeholders take the right decisions in their businesses whether providing services or tangible products. Market research has to be the inquisitive eye of any entrepreneur or business owner who has a number of essential questions to be answered and quantified with an aim to highlight points that lead customers to high engagement or non-customers to conversions
It is important after testing the market and sizing available opportunities, to launch a product or a service that are appealing to customers. The role of market research here is essential to help businesses in developing marketing strategies to obtain additional lead sources and test all critical elements such as packaging, pricing, product suitability, safety, etc.

Sofres Liban will support the marketing team in its quest for differentiation and competitiveness.

We all know that a well-defined and comprehensive brand strategy must take into consideration consumer needs, competition and economic environment of the operations. This needs an incessant examination to reinforce the brands to undertake innovation in services or products offered ensuring relevance to the end user.

Sofres Liban is committed to accompany long-term plans for successful development of brands to achieve organizational goals. This will include scrutinizing all factors that contribute to a brand equity, such as:

  • Brand Awareness for a given product category
  • Brand purchase for a given category: frequency, quantity (volume), point of purchase, consumption pattern
  • Brand image
  • Brand satisfaction, brand loyalty, brand perceived benefits and limitations
  • Consumer profile: social, demographic, psychometric
  • Specific attribute segmentation broken down by psychometrics / behavioral or rational /social and demographic attributes
  • Exhaustive and comprehensive description of the studied segments
  • Examination of the segment attractiveness
  • Evaluation of the product differentiation strategies/techniques to exploit the target segments.

Mystery shopper is performed externally by market research companies or internally by companies themselves to measure quality of service, or compliance with regulation, or to gather specific information about products and services.

Sofres Liban sends interviewers incognito to perform specific tasks such as purchasing a product, asking questions, registering complaints or behaving in a certain way, and then provide detailed reports or feedback about their experiences.

Our Research Strategies

We conduct interviews in the Middle East and North Africa countries in three languages (Arabic, English and French). Our market research expertise covers: Advertising Evaluation, Media Research, Image Research, Customer Satisfaction, Usage and Attitude Research, Brand Research, Segmentation Research, Retail Research, Employees’ Satisfaction Research, Business-to-Business Research, Opinion Polling and Mystery Shopping using different research methods : CAPI-CATI and PAPI. Our projects are executed as ad’hoc studies, dipstick trackers or continuous trackers and barometers through different software's such as COSY, QPS..