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Our Sectors

We focus on understanding your business issues so we can provide the right solutions and expertise to help you identify, optimize and activate the moments that will drive extraordinary growth. Sofres Liban works in many of the major business sectors, including:

Lebanon is a relatively high consuming country for pharmaceutical products in comparison to its neighborhood in the Middle East. Recognizing the scarcity of reliable pharmaceutical data in Lebanon and the unique requirements of research in this sector, SOFRES-LIBAN established a specialized division for pharmaceutical industries, which has become one of the leading providers of such information in Lebanon. In addition to custom medical/ pharmaceutical research, to address precisely the questions and issues that are unique to each client

Sofres Liban is one of the Lebanese leading provider of customized political, social and economical market research services. Our opinion polls offer insight on major trends and assist decision-makers in a wide range of social policy issue. Our clients include public sector and government bodies, political parties, media, non-governmental organizations and universities. During the election campaign, Sofres Liban managed a hundred of continuous surveys in order to track public opinion on the legislative issues. We conducted over 100,000 interviews all over the country and more particularly in the very sensitive districts

Most banks should have an idea about their Satisfaction Levels: Where do they stand? Conducting satisfaction surveys with Sofres Liban will give you insight into how you can improve operations and attract new business. What’s Our Current Image and Awareness Levels? If particular branch locations are under performing; it should not be accepted as the “norm”. Sofres Liban has several ways to analyze and research key contributing factors driving image and awareness. Sofres Liban can quantify the awareness of your branch location; measure impressions of recent advertising; understand knowledge level of offerings; and identify key drivers for becoming a customer or member of your financial institution.